Historic Greeley Buildings

I was thrilled to receive an amazing opportunity from the new owners of Chicken Salad Chick's Greeley franchise. They contacted me with an intriguing idea: to capture the essence of Greeley's vibrant history through photography, specifically focusing on its remarkable architectural heritage. They envisioned using these evocative images to adorn the walls of their newly opened restaurant, creating an immersive experience for their customers and connecting them with the captivating past of the city.

Initially, Chicken Salad Chick provided me with a list of iconic Greeley buildings to photograph, but upon doing research into the art and history of black and white architecture photos, I found myself propelled by the allure of black and white photographs showcasing the old-world charm of European architecture. Inspired by these captivating visuals, I embarked on an ambitious endeavor to expand upon the suggested list and capture more of Greeley's architectural gems, weaving together a narrative that celebrates the city's unique heritage.

The Process

With camera in hand, I embarked on a captivating journey through the heart of Greeley, traversing its bustling streets and unearthing hidden treasures nestled within its neighborhoods. As I crossed locations off my list, my eyes began to open to just how much Greeley offered in terms of historic or interesting architecture. From the distinguished spires and ornate facades of the historic Courthouse to the majestic grandeur of the City Hall, each click of the shutter immortalized the captivating allure of these time-honored landmarks.

Greeley City Hall

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